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Hiking misconceptions on ALL our minds!
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5th Nov

Starting out with the MOST common and working our way up!

Trekking is very difficult.

Trekking is not your cup of tea. You cannot deal with the back breaking ascends, knee jolting descends and you are scared of altitude. Don’t worry! Not all the trekking routes are going to be difficult. You can try short and easy hiking routes recommend for novice trekkers. But be aware! Adventure of walking in nature is addictive. Once you start enjoying the walk, your heart may start demanding for more challenges.

Less is More.

 Unless you plan on spending all of your trip hiking, or unless you are into survivalist or minimalist camping, less is definitely not more. Some people don’t want to go camping because that’s the philosophy they think campers go by. O.K., maybe some do, but we don’t. And neither will you, if you want to really enjoy the trip. You need to go by this rule of thumb: People like to be warm, dry, comfortable, entertained and well-fed. Spending time working on each of these points before camping ensures a successful trip.

Over-planning Can Kill The Joy of Camping.

 I’m sure by now you are beginning to see a bit of a theme developing. In point of fact there is a grain of truth to misconception #10, but it has to do with the type of planning that you make. Your planning should have everything to do with dealing with eventualities, and nothing to do with controlling people’s desires. Have activities in place, but make it a rule that no one has to be involved. If a person wants to nap the whole camping trip, let them. If they want to hike from sunrise to sunset, by all means if they are prepared let them do so.

It is a wilderness out there. 

The fear of the dangers of outdoor is the greatest hesitation for many of us. But such things are very rare and can be avoided with a little care. Most of the famous trails in the world are well marked. If you still feel reluctant to try the trails, you can always get experienced guides or a group to join you for the trail.

You need to be Super fit.

 There is a huge misconception that you need to be super athlete and super fit to do a trek. While some of the higher grade treks may require you to have prior trekking experiences and some good physical fitness, some of the easy hiking can be done by anyone who can walk. Nothing can keep you from hiking as you now know, you don’t need to join months of gym before trekking.

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