INCREDIBLE packing hacks you NEED to know for your coming outdoor adventure! Back to posts

INCREDIBLE packing hacks you NEED to know for your coming outdoor adventure!
WG Team WG Team
4th Nov

First let's start with the basics!

1. Choose the right backpack for YOU!

2.Set out your items by weight

Knowing how to distribute your pack weight is an essential trick when going on a hike, you don't want that back strain to hold you up. 

3- Be money SAVY!

Most camp equipment gear are expensive and if you're a first time camper you'll probably still be going around looking for your most comfortable brands and sizes. Equipment can be rented or borrowed so better go with that instead of spending a small fortune. 

4- Lightweight Microfiber travel towel 

They're super absorbent and can be folded to the size of your fist. But most importantly they weigh 10 times less than an average cotton towel so they save up A LOT of space!

5- Binder clip drying rack 

Attach these clippers to various places on the outside of your pack and you have yourself a mobile clothing line! 

6- Wax waterproofing 

Rain is the most unfortunate but inevitable enemy of every backpacker! It's such a pain having to walk around with water soaked shoes and gear, so here's your simple most effective solution. This may be best saved for things like the top of your pack or camp shoes.

7-Duct tape, duct tape, and more duct tape 

It can be used to cover a blister, patch a tent, remove ticks, and all manner of other nifty things. You can wrap some around your lighter or water bottle to save space instead of carrying a full roll.

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