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12 Travel Instagrammers you NEED on Your Home Feed!
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27th Sep

Wanderlust comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of us like it for the food, some for the culture, the scenic views, the architecture, and the list is endless. Our eyes find life in little charming side streets, mystical landscapes, urban architecture and so much more. It’s because of them we spend thousands of pounds, travel thousands of miles to lay our eyes on. For a little travel photography inspiration, here’s a quick list of travel photographers you’ll loving seeing on your instagram page.

1. @samsette 

Samee is a Melbourne based travel photographer that takes us on the most picturesque places in Australia, as well as the rest of the world. 

2. @benjaminhardman

Benjamin Hardman docucments our favourite travel destination Iceland. His pictures are often taken from high above, and have a mystical otherworldly feel to them. 


This Turkey based photographer captures elegant photographs and quite moments in her bustling city of Istanbul. 


is a Portuguese photographer and food lover based in Lisbon. Her pictures are brimful of colors, delicious looking food, some random fun activities and of course cats ..  

5.@nazyxo Nasrin is all about her beach side fun and water activities. If you love surfing, diving or some clear blue and sandy yellow scenery, she is your girl! 


Mitsuru is a travel photographer based in Kyoto and Toronto. He displays the amazing authentic suburban and urban architecture that defines these two cosmopolitan cities and the street lights that make them come to life. 


From Californian beaches to surreal Alaskan mountains this American photographer spares no expense in showcasing his shutter's magical powers to capture beauty and tranquility. 

8. @patchinpixels 

Though she'll make you feel a little terrible about scrolling through your Instagram, Patricia's sense of adventure leaves us all feeling incredibly exploratory with her activities both above and below sea level. 

9. @Expertvagabond

Mathew takes us on a journey to the edges of the earth, meeting Sherpas and sitting down for tea with Bedouins while satisfying our adrenaline rush with occasional mountain biking tours and helicopter rides. Not too bad!

10. @Triphackr 

Though we usually like low key travelers, this high end photographer shows us some of what we're missing out on with crazy views from extravagant beach resorts and yacht rides. 

11. @Theplanetd 

Who comes to mind when we think couple goals? Definitely these two! This award winning adventure couple have been to 100+ countries together and chronicled their way through each one with incredible shots!

12. @Polkadotpassport 

Nicola likes to romanticize her travel pictures with candle lights, picnic bags and warm smiles. The addition makes us yearn for the warmth of new cities more and more one picture at a time!

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