Mount Aconcagua


Mount Aconcagua (5,962m) of the Andes mountains is the highest mountain in both the Western and Southern hemispheres, the tallest peak on earth outside the Himalayas, and the second of the seven summits, after Mount Everest. It is located in the heart of the Central Andes of Argentina and it's part of the State Park in the province of Mendoza. An expedition to this legendary mountain involves hiking winding trails in pristine Andean valleys, being part of the international mountaineering community that gathers at Base Camp and experiencing the unique atmosphere of the highest regions of the earth with its powerful shapes and colors and it's cool thin air!

  • Climbing Mount Aconcagua is doable but it is a huge challenge mainly because of it's very high altitude and long hikes and the more prepared you are for it, the higher your success rate will be 
  • Make sure you follow the packing list very strictly because you don't want to be underprepared
  • You can extend a few days if you'd like the chance explore some more of Argentina
  • Bring a mount for your camera if you can because it'll be cold to keep holding it.

Explore Mount Aconcagua Now

  • 4,800
    19 Days
    Physical Grade
    1. Sightseeing and/or relaxation
    2. Light adventure, no previous experience or training required
    3. A challenge, no previous experience necessary. A moderate level of fitness and preparation are required
    4. Previous experience and intensive training is required
    Comfort Level
    1. Basic: lodging in guest houses, small hotels and/or camping. Mix of private and public transportation
    2. Standard: Clean and comfortable accommodation and/or well-maintained campsites. Mostly private transportation with occasional public transport when unavoidable.
    3. Luxury: Hand-picked luxury lodging or pampered campsites. Private and upgraded transportation facilities.