Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a gorgeous country with lush greenery everywhere! The highlight of our trips there is The Great Tuk Tuk Rally with Omar Samra, adventure as it's meant to be. This challenge is an 8-day mini-The Amazing Race style journey where you'll team up to race with Tuk Tuks and face some challenges along the way. There will be a safari, a hike, Sri Lankan "pillow fights", beautiful waterfalls, community work and much more. Outrageous fun and ever-lasting memories are guaranteed!
  • Indulge in local food! It's deliciously influenced by Arab traders, Malay navigators, Portuguese, Dutch and British colonists, and South Indian neighbors
  • The weather in Sri Lanka is very hot, be prepared for that
  • You might bump into elephants crossing the street, keep your camera handy
  • Try out as many Sri Lanka games and traditions as you can, they're fun
  • If you want to freshen and recharge, try Thambili, king coconut water.

Explore Sri Lanka Now

  • 2,350
    8 Days
    Physical Grade
    1. Sightseeing and/or relaxation
    2. Light adventure, no previous experience or training required
    3. A challenge, no previous experience necessary. A moderate level of fitness and preparation are required
    4. Previous experience and intensive training is required
    Comfort Level
    1. Basic: lodging in guest houses, small hotels and/or camping. Mix of private and public transportation
    2. Standard: Clean and comfortable accommodation and/or well-maintained campsites. Mostly private transportation with occasional public transport when unavoidable.
    3. Luxury: Hand-picked luxury lodging or pampered campsites. Private and upgraded transportation facilities.