Thailand is one of the most well-known countries in Asia. Get to enjoy its beauty the Guanabana way! Get to see and experience what Thailand is known for, including its mighty elephants, its gorgeous scenery, lush jungles, rare, one-of-a-kind tribes, beautiful rivers for rafting and history recorded in sites and temples so magnificent, it will leave you in awe! You can also try out rock-climbing, authentic and scrumptious Thai food, and a lot more.
  • Eat Pat Tai and lots of it!
  • Get off the traditional path and pick an itinerary that's right for you
  • You don't need to be a rock-climber to try our Railay trip, you get to learn everything over there with the best of trainers
  • You could go enjoy Thailand, or you can volunteer to help, or you can do both on our Teachin' With Some Beachin' trip.

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