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Senses of a Wanderer

Do you know how you can sometimes wear perfume, and by the time you reach your destination you can no longer smell it on you, even though others pick up the scent quite clearly? That's because the sense of smell, after accommodation, loses its qualities; you just stop smelling things even though they're out there as vivid as ever!

Deceivingly, your mind constantly plays a similar trick on you! After a while of adapting to your surroundings, your brain stops picking up on its beauty because everything simply glides from 'new' to 'ordinary'.

That's unless you willingly awaken your senses to all the...

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I was bored.

The workweek was killing me, but so were the weekends. I dreaded weekends; they lacked the routine I abused to distract me from thinking about what I really wanted to do with my life. I was living in my “comfort zone”, which oddly enough was uncomfortable and didn’t feel like a zone but more like a cage that no longer fit.

My sister was telling me she had booked a trip to climb Mt Toubkal, and I don’t know what happened, but something took over, and I blurted out in a cry of desperation "I’m coming with you!". There was a moment of silence. The words shocked me as much as they shocked her. I had often...

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Exploring the world as if it were our own backyard has become a right rather than a privilege for me and my Gen-Y peers. Our global citizen status makes any true sense of identity or belonging rather abstract and obscure.

And so for me, an Egyptian by birth, I figured summiting the highest peak in the Arab World, Mt Toubkal, would be my tribute to my Arab identity. After all, Morocco in Arabic translates to ’The West’ as it denotes the farthest west the Arab World could perceive. I was set: I would go to the extreme geographic limit where I could identify and be identified as an Arab.

I started my journey: Young. Entitled....

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Yeah, I'll get to the title of the article later. So it all started back at the office when everyone was planning a trip to Spain or Miami for spring break and I was looking for a low budget trip and a new experience. I traveled before with Wild Guanabana so I thought I'd check what they have to offer. They helped me choose Nepal as a destination…


After booking my flight which was for only 3,000EGP (a 22 Hour flight), I left Egypt behind and took off on a 12 day journey in Nepal. I arrived at Kathmandu International Airport only to realize it's barely an airport! It took us less than an hour to exit with our...

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1. A day backpack (18 liter). You cannot carry your big backpack all day when travelling so you need a small one to carry your daily gadgets.

2. A small notebook and a pen. Use it to write down information in case your phone dies or just your thoughts and information about people you meet!

3. Combination locks. Trust me the last thing you need while travelling is your things to get stolen. This is essential especially if you don’t have a safe or a locker in your room that you are probably sharing with other backpackers.

4. A multi-usb charger. How else are you going to charge your phone, camera, ipod, etc... when...

I woke up this morning feeling inspired so I thought I would share some of my thoughts of what adventure is and is not. Share this blog if you have a friend who needs some #Adventure inspiration :)

9- #Adventure is not just about big and long trips. It's also about doing the small things you've never done before, those that scare you.

8- #Adventure is not about ticking boxes of where you've been, it's about what you do when you get there. Feed your soul not your ego.

7- #Adventure doesn't always involve traveling, it can be about thinking creatively of how to do the same things in fun and exciting ways.

6- #Adventure is...


This is the first edition of U Got Inspiration - an initiative to help inspire others through the stories of every day super heroes. In just a few days, I've received many stories that have astounded me. People go through things on a daily basis far more difficult than climbing Everest but we never know about it. Why? because the media is too busy reporting tragedy and because we sometimes don't fully appreciate the effect that our experiences can have on others going through the exact same thing at the exact same time, or anyone looking for that little boost of motivation to get them through their...

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First of all I would like to give a big shout out to Oscar Wilde as I'm blatantly ripping off his book title for this blog post. I wouldn't do it unless he was cool with it of course. I also thought of calling this blog "The guy, behind the guy, behind the guy" but then I realized I don't even get what that means. It sounds really cool though. So this time I'm not going to talk about hanging off cliffs, chicken fighting with Shaolin monks, burning my feet on a volcano or getting stranded on an uninhabited island (all shameless plug-ins for my book by the way); I'm going to talk about something far more mundane, trivial and absurd; me....

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