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Hossam Abo Zeid
this trip touched something deep inside me I don't know exactly what it is, but I'm pretty sure of what I'm feeling right now, you all did such amazing effort. BIG THANKS TO THE WHOLE GUANABANA TEAM ,I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS
Laila Hassaballa
I just came back from my second trip with WG, and again, I was impressed! My first and second experiences were both beyond awesome, and indeed, Life-Changing. Thank you WG for a second successful and adventure-filled trip!
Khaled Ahmed
A mix of biking, hiking & camping. The team was wild, really supportive & the gear was great. They helped us enjoy every minute. I didn't only learn about camping & exploring the desert, I also learned a lot about me. It expanded my options in life.
Omar Mekky
This was the ultimate experience I've had in quite sometime! the trip was full of unforgettable moments and WG's team were really on top of the experience, without them it wouldn't have been as exciting, challenging and fulfilling as it was.
Amina Aidaros
Coolest trip ever, loads of FUN!! It's like no other, we got to do lots of different activities, laugh our are hearts out, dance and do a CSR. Only Wild Guanabana can manage to pull something like that!

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Wild Guanabana was founded by Omar Samra, the first Egyptian and youngest Arab to climb Mount Everest, out of a passion for travel and sharing these experiences with others. We specialize in unique, creative and ethical travel experiences around the world. If you are looking for a holiday with a difference, one that takes you off the beaten path and offers you the opportunity to discover something new about the world and yourself then we’re the people to talk to. With a great deal of experience in not only putting together great packages for people looking to be inspired through travel but also trying them out for ourselves first, we fully understand what our clients hope to get out of their travel experiences and do our utmost to ensure that their experience is nothing short of life changing.

We understand and appreciate that the natural environment and the host communities in which we choose to operate are equally vital to the long-term success of our business. As a result, we work hard to ensure that everyone we work with is paid fairly, above market and have the right insurance cover. We also support the investment in our people’s training and go to great lengths to ensure that they have the right insurance cover and career progression opportunities. This is not only ethical but also means that our people feel proud of the work that they do which translates into a better service for you. Moreover, we’re the region’s first carbon neutral travel company which means that all emissions from your travel experience will be offset by us and we do so in an energy efficient stoves project in Kenya. Please ask us for more details.

We specialize in providing non-traditional vacations and outdoor adventure tours for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a family adventure, a honeymoon with a twist, on a budget or want to travel in luxury, we have the right experience for you. We consider ourselves experts in offering unique and creative travel experiences in Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa), Europe (Turkey and France), Asia (Thailand, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Cambodia), the Middle East (Jordan and Lebanon) and Latin America (Peru, Argentina and Costa Rica). We’re constantly exploring around the world, to bring you the next amazing experience so stay tuned for exciting new destinations and adventures.

At Wild Guanabana, we’re all seasoned travelers who have been inspired by the profound impact that it has had on our lives, believe in its power to transform people’s lives and want to share it with others. Our service is personable, friendly and we genuinely care about our clients having a profound experience when they book a trip with us. This means we not only take the time to listen carefully to your requirements and help you pick the perfect holiday but we also get involved in pre-trip preparation, making sure that you’re physically and mentally ready for the journey ahead. Clients that wish to tackle demanding journeys like climbing in the Andes of Peru or hiking to Everest Base Camp appreciate our nutrition and training advice. It’s for this reason that we also hold one of the highest summit success rates for Kilimanjaro at 94%, which is around 25% to 30% above the industry average.