Ethical travel

Our journeys have taken us and our clients to the far ends of the earth where we have witnessed firsthand the clear-cutting of rainforests and the melting of the world’s greatest glaciers. It concerns us that our limited and fragile supply of resources (be it ecological or cultural) is being threatened by the large scale of mass development and tourism worldwide. Sustainability is critical for the survival of our planet. From an ethical perspective, it is imperative for current generations to meet their own needs without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs too.

As a young company, we endeavor to be socially and environmentally responsible ourselves and to encourage responsibility throughout the entire value chain: from educating our clients about smart travel practices and minimizing their impact, to selecting providers who engage in eco and socio-economic friendly practices.

As the Middle East and North Africa’s first Carbon Neutral travel company, We are committed to:

  • Raising awareness on the importance of sustainability and responsible green travel;
  • Envisioning action plans for both short-term and long-term sustainability;
  • Engaging the public, our team, clients and suppliers in our sustainability vision and actions;
  • Collaborating with organizations holding similar values and those who can mentor us to become more sustainable;
  • Choosing conscientious suppliers (eco & socio-culturally sustainability) and refraining to work with those who are not;
  • Minimizing environmental impact (e.g. carbon offsetting, CO2 neutral website, paper-free office, etc.). 
  • Respecting local cultures and educating our clients on sensitivity to the unique customs of the host destination;
  • Fair trade of goods and services to provide better income opportunities and empowerment of local communities;
  • Supporting conservation efforts to green our precious planet.

How does it work:

We reduce our carbon footprint by designing trips that are low carbon impact and carefully calculating the impact with the help of our environmental consultancy partner ERCC. We then buy carbon credit equivalents to offset all emissions that cannot be reduced including those resulting from our day-to-day business operations. Our offsetting is done through an energy efficient stoves project in Kenya. On request, every traveller receives their own carbon-offset certificate post-travel. Note that we don't sell or issue flight tickets ourselves so consequently we don't offset emissions generated from air travel.