Climbing Aconcagua - Traverse Route

18 Days
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Why take this trip?

  • Climb one of the world’s Seven Summits, Aconcagua or the "Stone Sentinel"!
  • Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas and the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas.
  • Begin this journey with a 3-day approach trek to the base camp, including a visit to the base of the impressive South Face. 
  • Previous strong hiking & camping experience, and good physical fitness are important.

Clients Reviews

Pumpkin soup at camp, crossing the equator, sleeping lion & above all making my way to the summit at night are all memories that are hard to wipe out! My life has been forever changed by this magical travel experience!!

Hala Mohie Eldin

The trip was beyond awesome!!

Noor Ashadawi

This trip really exceeded my expectations! Wild Guanabana offered me a life altering experience that I'll never forget for as long as I live. They had us well prepared & everything was well organized upon our arrival :)

Noha Hesham
Physical Grade
  1. Sightseeing and/or relaxation
  2. Light adventure, no previous experience or training required
  3. A challenge, no previous experience necessary. A moderate level of fitness and preparation are required
  4. Previous experience and intensive training is required
Comfort Level
  1. Basic: lodging in guest houses, small hotels and/or camping. Mix of private and public transportation
  2. Standard: Clean and comfortable accommodation and/or well-maintained campsites. Mostly private transportation with occasional public transport when unavoidable.
  3. Luxury: Hand-picked luxury lodging or pampered campsites. Private and upgraded transportation facilities.

CO2 Footprint

0 (tCO2e)
tCO2 = Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent

How we do it
As an ethical and responsible travel company, we reduce our carbon footprint by designing trips that are low carbon impact and carefully calculating the impact with the help of an environmental consultancy. We then buy carbon credit equivalents to offset all emissions that cannot be reduced including those resulting from our day-to-day business operations. Our offsetting is done through an energy efficient stoves project in Kenya. On request, every traveller receives their own PDF offset certificate post-travel. Wild Guanabana is the first carbon-neutral travel company in the Middle East & North Africa. Note: We do not sell or issue flight tickets ourselves so consequently we don't offset those emissions.

What does offsetting mean anyway?
It's a way of reducing your ecological impact by 'neutralizing' the impact of your carbon footprint. Actions associated with travel amount to around a third of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Carbon offsetting offers a solution to reduce the impact of your travel by purchasing carbon credits that are invested in activities that reduce CO2. While this doesn't erase all of the environmental impact, it does serve to help reinvest into the planet and contribute to activities which help its conversation. For more information on Carbon offsetting read more from our partners ERCC Carbon and our Sustainable Travel International.

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Itinerary Details / Price Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Day 1:

    Arrival in Mendoza (760 m / 2,493 ft). Our driver will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your hotel. After checking into your room, you can relax or explore the many sidewalk cafes of the city. The trip guide will contact you to see about next day’s schedule.

  • Day 2:

    Transfer in private vehicles from Mendoza to Penitentes, where the group will spend the night in a lodge (2.580 m / 8,465 ft).This small mountain village is where we have our warehouse and where loads for the mules are prepared. / 3 hs drive

  • Day 3:

    Penitentes - Punta de Vacas (trailhead) - Pampa de Leñas camp (2.950 m/ 9,678 ft). After breakfast, we ride the van for a few minutes to Punta de Vacas. Here we get our climbing permits stamped at the rangers check point and begin the approach to base camp. After a 4-hour hike along Río de las Vacas we arrive at our first camp, Pampa de Leñas, where we enjoy a genuine asado criollo (Gaucho BBQ). For the entire hike in to BC you will be carrying only a day pack with some essentials, as the mules take care of the heavy duties. / 4 hs

  • Day 4:

    Pampa de Leñas - Casa de Piedra (3.240 m/10,630 ft.) Hike to Casa de Piedra, our second trekking camp. Great view of the Polish Glacier and the Eastern face of Aconcagua from the trail. / 6 hs

  • Day 5:

    Casa de Piedra - Plaza Argentina Base Camp (4190m/13,746 ft.). We follow the trail up the Relinchos Valley to Plaza Argentina. Our BC chef greets us with a good dinner in a comfy dining tent. A proper reward after the hardest day of the approach.). / 6-7 hs

  • Day 6:

    Plaza Argentina. Rest day at Base Camp. Sleeping, reading in the dining tent or trying the yoga mats in our heated domo; whatever you do, get hydrated!

  • Day 7:

    Plaza Argentina - Camp 1 - Plaza Argentina (4.800m/ 15,748 ft). With the trek to BC and the first stage of acclimatization completed, the climb itself begins with this gear carry to Camp 1. After catching equipment, food and gas we return to Base Camp. / 5 hs

  • Day 8:

    Plaza Argentina. Rest day at Base Camp.

  • Day 9:

    Plaza Argentina - Camp 1 (4.800m/ 15,748 ft). The team leaves BC behind and moves to Camp 1 with the remaining gear. Our porters will carry the tents an other common gear, the climbers carry their own gear and their share of the common gear if needed(expect to carry a 15-20 kg backpack). / 4-5 hs

  • Day 10:

    Camp 1 - Camp 2 - Camp 1 (5350m/ 18,143 ft). Gear carry to Camp 2, called the Chopper Camp, towards the Guanacos Valley side (North). Ashtonishing view of Mt. Mercedario and other peaks of the Ramada massif. Return to C1. / 4-5 hs

  • Day 11:

    Rest day at Camp 1 (4.800m/ 15,748 ft).

  • Day 12:

    Camp 1 - Camp 2 (5.486m / 18,000 ft). Move to camp 2. / 5 hs

  • Day 13:

    Camp 2 - Cólera (high camp) (5.970 m / 19,586 ft). We move to our high camp, from where we will attempt the summit. / 4-5 hs

  • Day 14:

    Summit day! (6.962m - 22,841 ft). We leave early to get the most of the (long) day. You will be carrying a very light backpack (water, snacks, some clothing, camera). / 8-12 hs

  • Day 15:

    Extra weather day. To secure the success of the expedition we have added two additional summit days in case of bad weather.

  • Day 16:

    Extra weather day.

  • Day 17:

    Camp 3 - Plaza de Mulas Base Camp (4.350 m / 14,271 ft). We complete the Aconcagua traverse by descending the Northwestern face of Aconcagua (Normal Route), towards the lively BC of the Normal Route. Celebration dinner in dining tents with tables and chairs.

  • Day 18:

    Plaza de Mulas - Horcones - Penitentes. The hike out takes approximately 6-7 hours. Most of the gear goes in the mules, so you walk light. From the trailhead at Horcones our van drives us to Mendoza, after picking up the gear at Penitentes. Hotel check-in, end of the program. / 6-7 hs + 3-4 hs

  • Price includes
    • This price is based on a minimum of 6 participants. 
    • Consultation on every aspect of preparation (physical and mental) 
    • Hotel accommodation in Mendoza as indicated above based on a double occupancy basis. Climbers descending early will incur extra charges.
    • 1 night of lodging in Penitentes (breakfast and dinner included)
    • Full board accommodation during the expedition (on the mountain)
    • Bilingual professional certified guide and assistants.
    • All shared equipment for the expedition (Tents, stoves, cooking gear, radio...etc).
    • Complete base camp services (dining tents, bathrooms, meals, storage...etc).
    • All the transfers in private vans.
    • Mule transportation of the equipment to and from base camp.
    • Permanent VHF radio communication.
    • We provide all our guides with a professional first aids kits and pulse oximeter for daily updates of acclimatization progress.
    • High altitude porters for common gear carries. One every four pax.
    • Assistance with climbing permit procedure.
    • Satellite coverage and tracking during the expedition through an InReach device. 
    • Offsetting all carbon emissions of the journey in an energy efficient stoves project in Kenya (Wild Guanabana is the Middle East and North Africa’s first carbon neutral travel company)
  • Price excludes

    • International flight to Argentina and domestic flight to Mendoza
    • Aconcagua State Park climbing Permit.
    • Personal porters (please let us know if this is something you require) 
    • Medical and Travel Insurance 
    • Personal equipment (gear list will be sent separately) 
    • Costs associated with loss or delay of luggage during flight 
    • Meals in Mendoza. 
    • Drinks in Mendoz and Penitentes.
    • Any cost if the climber abandons the trip.
    • personal gear, medications, ground or air evacuations, room services, laundry, beverages, phone communications and items of personal nature, hospitalization or medication of any kind, any other service not included.
    • Tips and Gratuity