The Roof of Egypt

3 Days
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Why take this trip?

  • Climb Egypt's highest summit, Mount Saint Catherine with the field's experts. 

  • Stand on Egypt's rooftop at 2,629m and enjoy the incredible view!

  • A mentoring program that includes information about gear needed, how to pack and what to expect.

  • Ideal climbers to WG leaders ratio on the climb.

Clients Reviews

We grow up in life thinking "we have done everything, learned everything, seen everything and most important met all kinds of people and made great friends " well guess what??? We were wrong!! Climbing Mount Catherine was a real challenge and great blessing...I learned a lot from each and every member of Wild Guanabana team. To you " I Bow" with respect, love & I know for sure it is never too late to live wild ...❤

Lara Hussein

I joined the Guanabanas last December to hike and climb Mountain St. Catherine! It was awesome guidance, company and camping venue. The hike isn't technical nor involving tough terrain and rock scrambling yet challenging due to its length and distance. Best itinerary for over a weekend adventurous activity. Well organized by Wild Guanabana indeed!

Sherief Elabd
Physical Grade
  1. Sightseeing and/or relaxation
  2. Light adventure, no previous experience or training required
  3. A challenge, no previous experience necessary. A moderate level of fitness and preparation are required
  4. Previous experience and intensive training is required
Comfort Level
  1. Basic: lodging in guest houses, small hotels and/or camping. Mix of private and public transportation
  2. Standard: Clean and comfortable accommodation and/or well-maintained campsites. Mostly private transportation with occasional public transport when unavoidable.
  3. Luxury: Hand-picked luxury lodging or pampered campsites. Private and upgraded transportation facilities.

CO2 Footprint

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tCO2 = Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent

How we do it
As an ethical and responsible travel company, we reduce our carbon footprint by designing trips that are low carbon impact and carefully calculating the impact with the help of an environmental consultancy. We then buy carbon credit equivalents to offset all emissions that cannot be reduced including those resulting from our day-to-day business operations. Our offsetting is done through an energy efficient stoves project in Kenya. On request, every traveller receives their own PDF offset certificate post-travel. Wild Guanabana is the first carbon-neutral travel company in the Middle East & North Africa. Note: We do not sell or issue flight tickets ourselves so consequently we don't offset those emissions.

What does offsetting mean anyway?
It's a way of reducing your ecological impact by 'neutralizing' the impact of your carbon footprint. Actions associated with travel amount to around a third of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Carbon offsetting offers a solution to reduce the impact of your travel by purchasing carbon credits that are invested in activities that reduce CO2. While this doesn't erase all of the environmental impact, it does serve to help reinvest into the planet and contribute to activities which help its conversation. For more information on Carbon offsetting read more from our partners ERCC Carbon and our Sustainable Travel International.

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Itinerary Details / Price Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Day 1: Off to Catherine (D):

    We'll meet at the WG headquarters to take the bus. The ride will take 7-8 hours depending on the road, we will stop a couple of times on the way for a short break. Reaching Catherine, we will have lunch at Sheikh Moussa's lodge where we will be staying for the next couple of nights. We will then go on a 2-hour hike to Wadi El Talaa to prepare for the mountain! We will return to the Eco-Lodge to have dinner and at night we will have a briefing about the climb, a gear check and we will prepare our backpacks for the next day! We will sleep early as we have a long day ahead.

  • Day 2: Climbing Mount Catherine (2,629m) (B/L/D):

    Today, we will wake up before sunrise, have breakfast, pack our lunch and head towards the mountains! The ascend will take around 5 hours during which we will stop for lunch while enjoying an incredible view. We will reach the summit at around 12 pm, make sure we take photos to document the moment, sign the mountain's book and start heading down. The descend will take around 3 hours, our dinner will be waiting for us at the camp when we arrive. We will eat, gather around to talk or play some games!

  • Day 3: Back to Cairo (B/L):

    We will wake up at 7 am, have breakfast and visit Saint Catherine's Monastery, which will take around an hour and half, after that we will take the bus back to Cairo.

  • Guidelines and Emergency:

    You are here to enjoy the nature, not to harm it. Please take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but your awesome vibe. Our WG journeys are tracked, the group’s movement is lively updated to our headquarters; and we will always take the move in time in case of any emergency.

  • Safety rules:

    All the adventurers participating in our journeys have to follow our WG leader. You must put on the protective gear when applicable. Always try as much as you can to walk in pairs. Never put your hand in a bush, or try to move the rocks; reptiles love these places. Try to always stay close to the group so that you can avoid getting lost. Never panic, our WG leader is well experienced to handle the situation. Always stay close to the group and to our WG leader; always inform any of your group mates if nature calls.

  • Price includes
    • This price is based on 16 participants
    • Accommodation (Eco-lodge)
    • All activities as mentioned above
    • All meals as mentioned above (B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D= Dinner)
    • Round trip from Cairo to Catherine
    • Program design 
    • First Aid trained local guides and camp crew 
    • Permits when needed
    • Experienced English speaking guides
  • Price excludes

    • Personal items