Why take this trip

Stand atop Africa’s second highest mountain taking in beautiful sights and landscapes, while catching a glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro on the horizon. Spot some of Africa’s wildlife living in the area, such as the Rock Hyrax and Zebra. Experience the best of Africa’s mountain life.


Who is this for

A perfect trip for your first experience on a mountain, providing you with valuable outdoor experience and serves as a stepping stone to even bigger challenges. Take this trip to gain more experience on the mountains, getting used to altitude and bagging an almost 5000m peak.


What's next

Once you’ve successfully completed this climb, you will have the necessary experience to climb on Mt. Elbrus, Mt. Kazbek or even get more technical and go Ice Climbing in Chamonix or Rock Climbing in Catherine.

Upon arrival in Nairobi International Airport, you will be picked up by a WG representative transferred to to your hotel for check in. Time allowing a comprehensive briefing and kit check will be conducted by our climbs Manager then we head for dinner and get a good night’s sleep. Overnight at Ole Serina Hotel
After breakfast you will be picked up from your hotel and drive towards the eastern side of Mount Kenya to Chogoria town before proceeding to the park gates of Mt Kenya to start our hike. Lunch is served while our crew finalize packing then we head off on a 4 hour hike to our first stop on Mount Kenya. Overnight at Mount Meru camp (Tents).
After a hearty breakfast, we start hiking through a tropical forest vegetation occasionally enjoying the sighting of wild game such as buffaloes or elephants amongst a host of many high altitude bird species who reside here. We will stop for lunch mid hike before continuing to Lake Ellis Camp. Overnight at Lake Ellis Camp (Tents)
Today we start the hike up a steep slope towards Lake Michaelson arriving in time for lunch. Lake Michaelson has arguably the most scenic views on the mountain with Vivien falls and the Nithi gorges. Overnight at Lake Michaelson Camp (Tents)
We will depart the camp after breakfast and continue the ascent to Simba Col arriving in time for lunch. Unique high altitude fauna as the rock hyrax can be seen in this area. After lunch, there is time for acclimatization walks to Tooth peaks and Delamere peak in preparation for the summit ascent later. Overnight at Simba Col Camp (Tents)
At around 3:30am we will wake up to some tea and biscuits and get prepared for the summit push. We will start the attempt of the scree and rock to the summit, Point Lenana at 4,985m! After taking photos of the African sunrise and on a clear day views of Kilimanjaro, we will start descending slowly to Shipton’s Camp for lunch and get some rest before dinner. Overnight at Shipton’s Camp (Tents)
After breakfast, we pack our stuff and walk down the bamboo forest to Sirimon gate and head back to the hotel in Nairobi for a well deserved rest and much needed warm shower. The rest of the day is free to explore the area, relax and celebrate the journey. Overnight at Ole Serina Hotel
After breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel on the time of your flight and taken to the airport.


Mount Kenya was originally an active volcano, and most probably its summits used to be higher than Kilimanjaro and covered in an ice cap, that ice melted over the years and formed many glaciers which eroded and exposed the rock underneath. So expect to hike on slippery rock and glacier ice on top of the mountain, and dense forests and vegetation near the base.



As Mount Kenya ranges in height, the climate varies considerably over the mountain. But as a tropical location, its weather is dominated by two dry seasons and two wet seasons. February is towards the end of the dry season so the weather during that time is expected to be good with minimal amounts of rain. However always keep your waterproof gear easily accessible as you are still on a mountain and weather can get somewhat unpredictable.



Being in Kenya you’ll experience the african generosity and delicious cuisine all along the climb! Food is served hot and tasty, three meals a day by our chefs trekking with us, and the menu is designed to give you the energy you need for an enjoyable climb!



The first and last night will be spent in a luxury hotel in central Nairobi (Ole Serini) On the climb, your accommodation will be in high quality expedition tents, 2 people in a 4 person tent so you will have plenty of space to put your duffel bags and sleep comfortably. Our amazing porters carry our equipment from camp to camp and they pitch and take down the tents that become our home on the mountain everyday.



Point Lenana of Mount Kenya is considered a beginners climb as it doesn’t need any technical experience however it is better if you have some hiking experience to join this trip. It is advisable to go on at least a 2 day hike prior to joining this trip. On Mount Kenya, you will be hiking for between 5-6 hours on moderate elevation each day depending on your pace so you should be fit enough to do that comfortably while carrying your backpack (with your water, jacket and some snacks). Its advisable that you follow a workout routine with at least 4-5 workouts a week, this should put you in an overall good shape. We recently partnered up with Uphill Athletes, a leading company for workout routines tailored especially for mountain climbing. Once you book your spot with us, you can enjoy a 10% discount on their workout programs. For this climb, we suggest the 8 week program.


Overall Difficulty


Technical Skills




Fitness level



Technical Skills

No experiences is needed: Anyone can join this trip.
Minimal experience: You should probably have some hiking experience to join this trip. It is advisable to have gone on a hike for at least 2 days prior to joining this trip.
Moderate experience: You should have some climbing experience to join this trip. It is advisable to have been on at least a 4-day climb before joining this trip.
Technical experience: You should have technical climbing experience before joining this trip. It is recommended that you have experience with crampons, skis, ropes and belays.
Advanced technical experience: You should have technical climbing experience to join this trip. Depending on the climb, you will need a specific set of skills.

fitness level

Occasional workout, no fixed routine.
Workout routine with at least 2-3 workouts a week, overall in good shape. Trekking days on this trip are around 3-4 hours long each day with little elevation.
Workout routine with at least 4-5 workouts a week, overall in great shape. Trekking days on this trip are around 4-5 hours long each day with moderate elevation.
Workout routine with at least 5 workouts a week. Trekking days on this trip are around 5-7 hours long each day with high elevation.
Specified workout routine with at least 5 workouts a week as well as technical training. Trekking days on this trip are 8 hours long each day with extreme elevation.


1,500m - 2,999m
3,000m - 4,499m
4,500m - 5,999m
6,000m - 7,499m
7,500m - 8,999m

Climbing Days

0 - 4 Days
5 - 9 Days
10 - 12 Days
13 - 15 Days
16+ Days



best time to travel:

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                                                          • Price based on 4 pax
                                                          • All accommodation, meals and drinks as described in the itinerary
                                                          • Drinks on the hike (potable water, tea, coffee & hot chocolate)
                                                          • Transport to and from the park gate from Nanyuki town. 
                                                          • Consultation on every aspect of preparation including physical and mental
                                                          • 1:3 ratio of experienced guides with multiple summits of Mount Kenya and Wilderness First Responder Qualification.
                                                          • Top and highly qualified assistant guides and cooks
                                                          • An average of 3:1 porters (first aid trained) to every client to carry personal gear & equipment
                                                          • Customized food menus that meet all dietary requirements
                                                          • Drinking water on the mountain
                                                          • 3 Inch mattress and a foam pad for comfortable sleeping in a full-size sleeping cot
                                                          • Pillow
                                                          • Sleeping bag (-18 Celcius rated)
                                                          • Thermal liner
                                                          • Walk in mess tent
                                                          • Lightweight tables
                                                          • Backed chair
                                                          • Private 4 x 4 transfers
                                                          • Pulse oximeter, altitude sickness checklist, stocked first aid kit, custom evacuation stretcher, portable altitude chamber
                                                          • All Mount Kenya park and rescue fees 
                                                          • All on ground transportation
                                                          • A Wild Guanabana leader to facilitate your journey

                                                        PRICE EXCLUDES

                                                          • International return flight to/from Nairobi, Kenya.

                                                          • Kenya visa fee 

                                                          • Personal medical & travel insurance

                                                          • Bottled beverages (we’ll boil and filter plenty of water on the climb)

                                                          • Tips and Gratuity

                                                          • Gear rental available at an additional cost 

                                                          • 5% VAT